Monday, 24 December 2012

A Surprise Package - Ri-gishu New'a'lek

The other day, while checking my PO Box before shopping for baking supplies, I was surprised to find something unusual - I was to go to the desk to pick up a parcel. I didn't remember ordering anything other than zines lately, so I was honestly quite confused. I signed for the package, and they brought out a box wrapped in brown paper - I looked at the return address smiled one of the biggest smiles that I have smiled in a very long time.

It was a package from my dear friend T'Puhku in Germany, to whom I had been sending Star Trek books and with whom I run the Vulcan Language tumblr.

I hurried through my shopping and ran home, not even taking off my shoes and hat before sitting on the floor and unwrapping and opening the package.

Onside was a chocolate Nicolaus (she explained to me that every December 6th, people from German-speaking countries put a boot in front of their door, which is then filled with these exact chocolate santas, nuts, mandarins, and small presents. I found that absolutely fascinating, and I munched on his head while I read it. I then did some further research online.), a cashmere pashmina handmade in the Nepalese Himalayas (one of the softest things I have ever owned, I actually slept with it last night), a bumper sticker, and the small canvas with art and writing.

The bumper sticker is in the Vulcan language, and says "Vath-hali t'nash-veh ek'tal-hali T'Khasi" which translates to "My other vehicle is a Vulcan Science Vessel". I don't have a car to put it on, but it looks just as dashing on my wall.

The painting that she did for me is definitely my favorite, however - it says "Sochya eh dif" (Peace and long life) in Traditional Vulcan Calligraphy (vanu-tanaf-kitaun) and has an idic in the corner. I love everything about it - the colors, the design, the texture! She even sent a little eisel with it, so I had no problem finding a place to display it - it is now on the shelf right next to my bedroom door, beside my dead bird and a framed photograph of Richey Edwards. It is truly a place of honor.

(insert preferred holiday greeting here)