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C4 Comic Con - Jonathan Frakes - Quotes and Photos (Updated)

One of the special guests at the Central Canadian Comic Con (C4) was Jonathan Frakes, best known by Sci-Fi fans as Commander William T. Riker of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I took a lot of pictures, but as there was no video allowed, I had to depend on my terrible note-taking skills for quotes. Here are some of my favorites:

He was legitimately singing opera here. Seriously. It was amazing.

"When I first started on 'Star Trek,' I went to a convention in a little town called Syracuse, New York and everyone was still indignant that our show had come on the air because they were very heavy into Kirk and Spock and they really didn't like the idea of a new 'Star Trek.' I was waiting in the dealers' room to go on stage and at a dealer's table they were selling those action figures of the thinner versions of all of us... with Geordi LaForge $35, Picard for $50, a limited Data for $50 and the sign at the end of the table said, "buy any action figure and get Riker for free."

"I was more interested in where do you go to the bathroom on the Enterprise? What do you EAT? And why no POCKETS in the space suits? Don't get me started on my space suit. And what about this... (does an exaggeration of Riker's walk). Why did he walk like that all the time?"

"Wheaton is walking next to me and says, "you know Frakes, I can tell by the clothes that you wear and the music that comes out of your dressing room that, you used to be cool. Little shit."

"In real life, I play the trombone but I don't play it well. And on the show when you hear somebody playing the trombone and it sounds sort of not so good it's me. When you hear the trombone and it sounds really good on the show, that's Bill "

"Picard. Come on. Pfft, Kirk or Picard. You saw 'Generations.' Two captains in search of one good hairpiece."

" I wish 'Gargoyles' was STILL on the air! The greatest job. First of all, you go to work in your pajamas. Secondly, they've always got bagels and cream cheese. Thirdly, you sit around in a circle with other funny actors. It was a great gig. Marina, Data, um, Kate, Keith David, it was a great group. And it was one of those jobs where they would gather us all, like when we do the 'Family Guy' stuff they'd find us and we'd just have to do our lines. But with 'Gargoyles' we'd actually get together in the room and do the show. I liked that gig. I want it BACK!"

"So Nana Visitor... she sends Thomas Riker to some Cardassian prison and leaves him there for years! For years I was in the prison! ...Still in that bloody prison! I'll speak to her about that this evening."

"That was a great space bird." (after standing on one leg, other leg stretched out behind him, flapping his arms for about five seconds)

It's a really bad quality pic, but "That was a great space bird".
"In my country, we have wireless mikes." (after trying not to trip on the cord, and yelling at a Klingon (in Klingon!) who was trying to untangle it.)

"I try to encourage actors to find any other career... It's a really GLAMOROUS profession and it ALWAYS works out! EVERYBODY gets rich and you stay young FOREVER!"

"(Talking about Twitter) Spiner's got a million and a half, LeVar's got a million and a half, I just, I just joined, feel free to sign up. Jonathan S. Frakes. Who is that pretty girl who called me Franks when I came up here?" (He was, in fact, introduced as Jonathon Franks.)

"I'm not much of a Sci-fi fan, oddly enough... But I am enjoying Person of Interest."

"But oddly enough when Star Trek started, I didn't really know that we were joining part of the popular culture and thought we'd be under a rock or something. I didn't understand the power of the original Star Trek and didn't understand the passion. And then Roddenberry, may he rest in peace, was so great. He believed so heavily in his optimistic view of the future. I auditioned for 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' six times over several weeks, and each time as it got closer and closer to them finally making the decision I'd have to go into Gene Roddenberry's office and I'd sit there and he's sort of you know, he was like a coach. And he'd coach and say your audition is going to be great today, you're the guy I want to play Riker, and he said to me in the 24th century there will be no hunger, there will be no greed, and all the children will know how to read."

"Deep Throat Nine" (As he called Deep Space Nine throughout the show)

"I started to look at the original show and at that time got the VCRs of the show and watched those. And my wife Jeannie Francis who is a big Kirk fan she had Kirk posters on her wall when she was a kid. And then I go home for Christmas after the first season to see my mom and dad in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and I went out to the refrigerator to get a beer and a refrigerator was on the back porch and I go to the refrigerator and on the door is a poster -- this big -- a picture of Patrick Stewart. 'Oh, I just love Patrick Stewart.' Mom??! I'm in THE SAME SHOW! The other half of that picture is ME! 'He's so beautiful. And that voice… numba one… to BE!' (Imitating Patrick Stewart). Humbling."

"The 'Nemesis' movie was, my thoughts on why it didn't do well, awkward, be very careful Jonathan you are using your outside voice… speak diplomatically. I think that the core audience of our movies, which was you guys, wanted to see the Star Trek family which is Patrick and Brent, etc., And that movie was sort of about Thomas Hardy's character. The guy who was by the way, not only Inception, he's like the hottest thing. He's like a huge movie star now. And it's fabulous. He got his start in that movie. So I always thought that that movie, in addition to not being directed by me, was problematic because it was about a character who none of us really knew. I'm not sure that's what the problem was. I also think that Paramount with their infinite wisdom was really, incredibly, greedy, in terms of we had our show on the air, that they put Deep Throat--'Deep Space Nine' on the air, no, they put 'Voyager'then 'Deep Space' then 'Enterprise' and then we did 'Generations' and 'First Contact' and 'Insurrection' and there was just too much Star Trek. And 'Nemesis' was the first star trek movie to lose money. We made nine movies that all made money and as you know that's what projects into the future, so when 'Nemesis' stopped to make money the franchise came to a screeching halt until J.J. rebooted it brilliantly a couple of years ago. What's your theory about why it was a stinker? Or was it a stinker? Some people liked it."

"I'm serious. It's all work with me… Except for this one time. Michael Dorn, dear sweet turtle head, is up on the, you know, back end of the bridge, and old baldy is sitting there and I'm over here and the beautiful and talented Marina is over here. And Dorn had in his hand, because for years he's wanted to do this -- raw egg. So he leans over the bridge, and SMASHES it on Patrick's head. Albumin everywhere. Yolk down that British face. That's a lie. That's a boldfaced lie. It never happened. It would've been great though, right?"

"You know how we use to get hit by phaser fire from enemy ships? And we'd all rock around and be thrown around the bridge, and Marina would be over in her seat, and when we got hit her hair would lay back and she'd look over and her breasts would be full, and I'd be over here rocking and throwing my self around like Riker, and Patrick would be sitting over in his captain's chair, the ergonomically built for his back captain's chair, which was stolen by a fan at one point… And he would all be, very stoic. And under his breath, I heard this many times (imitating Patrick Stewart), "Oh Jonathan… Jonathan… 25 years in the Royal Shakespeare Company… FOR THIS??"

Just as I suspected (and was told by other Star Trek cast members), Jonathan Frakes is a very funny man and a great performer. At one point, a couple of people were attempting to take video of him talking. He walked to the front of the stage, leaned down, and yelled - "NO VIDDEEOOO!" It must have been a personal request, because video was permitted for every other guest.

I went and got a picture with him after the Q&A, which was very rushed and taken professionally. I looked up at him and said, "I love you". He hesitated for a moment before saying "and I you". I felt like a really big creep, but I don't really care. It was great seeing him, and he is just as handsome as ever. I just wish I could have been less awkward is his presence.

C4 Comic Con - Finished (and Signed!) Captain Kirk Painting

Comic Con is finally over. I enjoyed it immensely while it was on, but there is nothing more exhausting that being in a giant building filled with people - running around to be one of the first people in line to see some of Star Trek's most celebrated people.

I was fortunate enough to get the painting I had done of Captain Kirk personally signed by Mr. Shatner. I was so excited and nervous, he had to keep asking me what I said when I told him I had painted it. He told me it was "very well done", however, and was really nice and somewhat shy/gentle about it.

Over the next week or two I will be posting pictures and/or video I took from the Q&A sessions - including Jonathan Frakes, Ethan Phillips, Nana Visitor, Chase Masterson, and the one and only - William Shatner. I will also be posting pictures of some vintage collectables that I came across (and now own) so check back! I will be very busy.

Friday, 28 October 2011

How Time Flies - An Evening with William Shatner - The Show

A couple of days ago I had the privilege of seeing William Shatner's show, "How Time Flies", from the ninth row. As soon as he walked out onto the stage, I swear my heart stopped. I could feel it. The show lasted about three hours, and was absolutely amazing.

Before the show, I stopped of at the merchandise table to get a T-shirt. I did not expect for there to be a triple vinyl version of Seeking Major Tom, and a limited edition poster (which I quickly bought!). There were also copies of his book, "Shatner Rules", and his CD - but I had already gotten those days before.

Waiting non-patiently for the show to resume
A lot of what he told us is also explained in his book. I sat there, watching him speak with my SLR camera and a piece of random receipt paper - upon which I was writing notes. I took pictures, when I could, and wrote down my favorite parts.

He spoke about a six year old boy who showed up outside while he was living on the road in a truck. "One morning, a six-year-old boy knocks on the door, and says, 'Are you Captain Kirk?' I said, 'Yes.' He said, 'Can I see your space ship?' I said, 'Sure come in." He brought the boy inside, and showed him the shower, "where I beam up" and the stove, where the controls were. He says that somewhere, there is a middle aged guy who believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was on the Enterprise with Captain Kirk.

Looking sharp in a pinstripe suit
After taking off his jacket to show us how to fold it properly
He also spoke a lot about horses, a special passion of his. He spoke about Great Dane, his black stallion, and how he lived and died. He had agreed to breed him, but was saddened by it when he found that he had been "incarcerated". Great Dane later got founder, and had to be put down. He later spoke of Great Dane's son, "Call Me Ringo".

He recalled riding a three year old horse as an amateur rider, and having it rear. He accidentally leaned back and brought the horse back with him, and quickly thought of the stories where people had been crushed by their horses. Luckily, the horse went to the side at the last minute, and only landed on his leg.

Heavenly suspenders
Showing off is what the Shat does best

He broke his leg, and an ambulance was called. "Every Rescue 911 I did, they tied the gurney down!" In the hospital, to check if he had inner bleeding, he had to pee in a bottle. "Captain Kirk is peeing in a bottle." A nurse comes and opens the curtains, looks at him, and says (gasp) "I'm your biggest fan!".

And here's a few more interesting little bits of information:
  • The tour bus was rented from a company called Star Fleet.
  • William Shatner sold his Kidney Stone for $100,000.00 to donate to Habitat for Humanity
  • He states that he got his stereotyped acting style on Broadway when he had to start speaking gibberish and yelling to stop people from leaving the audience when his fellow actor kept freezing up in an attempt to get fired.
  • At an important show with agents and everything, he replaced a piece of paper that is fellow actor was to rip in half powerfully and angrily with a piece of parchment paper. Parchment paper doesn't rip.
  • He was an assistant manager twice, hired because he  had a degree (which he just barely got). He was promptly fired both times, and has never had a job other than acting since then.
  • According to William Shatner, the four sweetest words in the English language are "Say goodbye to Grandpa"
  • Koko the Gorilla grabbed him by the balls.
Signing to Koko... "I love you"
And then Koko reached down and grabbed him by the balls.
At one point he quotes a philosopher by saying "nothing is everything"... and follows up by yelling "what the fuck does he mean by that!?" He also uses the word onomatopoeia.

I could go on, but you would be reading for hours, and I would be typing for days. I would highly recommend purchasing the book "Shatner Rules" for more.

As an epic conclusion to the show, William Shatner asked us (rhetorically, I would imagine) what Canadians loved most. After people from the crowd shouted "Beer!" he corrected us - we all love hockey. With this, he sang his rendition of "The Good Ol'Hockey Game" by Stompin' Tom Connors, which I recorded on a terrible camera like I was drunk. See the video and all of it's terrible quality below. And remember - "We don't know anything. We know nothing. We see glimmers."

Friday, 21 October 2011

Scribbling Star Trek Cast Members on ScribblerToo

I found about about a great site the other day when I was browsing the internet - and a wonderful little resource ScribblerToo. It is immediately addicting, and with it one can produce all kinds of unique designs.

While it is somewhat difficult to draw with a mouse (as I do not yet own a tablet of any kind) I certainly had a lot of fun doodling Doctor McCoy, Kirk, and Spock: (to enlarge, right click and open in new tab or window)

I really enjoy how McCoy and Spock turned out - they are very strange. Kirk (with his super-awesome fatshirt) looks entirely wrong to me, however. That must be why Spock is looking at him so.

For anyone who is interested, I also have a DeviantART account here.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

TARDIS Emergency Fund - Underground Toys

I went to the comic shop today to look for some of the Star trek comics I am missing. Unfortunately, somebody had come before me and taken every single one. Somewhat disappointed, I went to the wall to inspect the recent figure arrivals. While there were not a lot of items in my current price range, I did happen across what appeared to be a small TARDIS keychain- about an inch tall.

Basically, it is a die-cast TARDIS which can be opened up from the bottom. Inside, there is a hollow space that was made to hold "notes". Nobody around here calls them notes, so that confused me for a second - I imagined putting in school notes and shopping lists before I realized that it meant bills.

It cost me about ten dollars, and I plan on always having it with me - with a bill or two stuck inside. I am quite sure, however, that I will forget about the money I put in it, place the TARDIS on my desk to look pretty, and accidentally open it ten years later only to find that I had been rich all along.

This wonderful gadget was created by Wow! Stuff and by Underground Toys, the same company behind the Eleven Doctors Action Figure TARDIS Box Set mentioned in the last two posts.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Eleven Doctors Figure Set - Faces and Details

A continuation from Doctor Who - The Eleven Doctors Figure Set.

I have a large hardcover book on the cosmos, and beautiful galaxies and systems cover the pages. I wanted to get some detailed photos of the figures' faces, and so I used these pages as a background - I was very pleased with the effect. To enlarge the photos, right click and open in a new tab or window.

The last photo with Matt Smith reminds of Van Gogh for some reason - I am very pleased with how it turned out. I also took photos of some of my favorite outfits, and the detail that was put into them:

For the amount of money that I spent, these figures were very finely done. I am running out of space in my small shared room, however, and I can't continue piling shelves on top of shelves on top of desks. Realistically, I didn't really have room for his set. But guess what? I don't care. Maybe once the floor starts sinking (which at this rate will be soon) I will try and find my own place.

Doctor Who - The Eleven Doctors Figure Set

About a year ago, I was lusting over a TARDIS box with all eleven Doctors inside. Every time I saw it, however, it was 150 dollars and I had (very) insufficient funds.

And then one day, everything changed. I went to one of my favorite local shops with a couple hundred dollars, when I found that they had one last set. And it was only ninety dollars. It was one of the best days of my life. Or something.

Looking like a cool kid in superman boxers, a Marvel shirt I got in the little boy's section at Walmart, and rubber boots, I went outside into the cold to take pictures the next day. I kept hearing people stop behind me, but I never looked around to see who it was. They were probably admiring my chelsea mullet. Right?


On the topic of the first two Doctors (my favorites, other than the fourth and the sixth) my friend had this to say: "I think those might be the most action-y action figures I've ever seen. Look kids! It's Guy With Deep Thoughts Man and his amazing sidekick That Dude With His Computer at Starbucks!"

That may just be my favorite description of the first two figures. Ever.

I love how much the Sixth Doctor stands out amongst the rest. He definitely has amazing fashion sense - and I will leave it up to you to determine whether or not I was being sarcastic when I made that comment. But the Doctor was always a very stylish and handsome man. Always.

For some reason the Ninth is the only figure with a separation on his neck that just looks like a stupid line, and the Tenth Doctor has really derpy glasses that are foggy and derpy looking. The Eleventh Doctor, however, has awkward little legs and a bow tie - just like the real thing! But guess what? The Second Doctor made bow ties cool first.

Their home is on my desk right now - like a Time Lord battalion, except there aren't enough of them to even constitute a battalion. I keep my Daleks in a separate location, but unfortunately they have possession of the TARDIS right now so I have a feeling that the Doctor(s) will be confronting the Dalek fleet very soon.

Continued HERE

Monday, 17 October 2011

Primitive Vulcan - Early in a Physical and Cultural Evolution

A little while ago I was reading Spock's World by Diane Duane - a book which covers not only an interesting plot involving the TOS characters, but the evolution of Vulcan as well. In one chapter I was reading about the early, "primitive" Vulcans who were trying to breed into their children "the eye" - a gene causing the inner eyelid which then allowed the child to see clearly in the daytime. While I was reading this, I wondered what these primitive Vulcans might look like. Taking inspiration from African and Amazonian aboriginal culture, I came up with this:

I realize that they would not have the modern Vulcan script for Logic carved into their jewelry - that was just my getting carried away. I did, however, include many features that are said to have occurred in early human evolution, while altering classic Vulcan features to appear slightly more "savage". And thus, this drawing came to be.

Media: India ink, water color pencils. Sadly, the scanner mangled the colors.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Artist Spotlight - Maria Looks Inside Vulcan Culture

While searching the internet for images and pieces of art relating to Star Trek, one often finds the same thing - day after day. Persistence, however, led me to the most wonderful Vulcan-inspired artist. I sent her a message online requesting her permission to feature her art, and she gladly cooperated as I interviewed her through internet-notes.

While her name is Maria, you may have seen her work around the internet under the names "Wolf" or "Stumppa". One can tell that she lets her own passions drive her, and not the artistic expectations of others - her work is very unique. When asked to elaborate on herself she replied:

I am an artist who mainly draws for herself. However, I do work freelance every now and then. I am generally a positive person, with the occasional "Buhuu, I am fat, stupid and I can't do anything right"-angst. I love making people laugh and I make a total fool of myself to achieve this.

(Below: Sleepy Cuddle and House of Sarek)

I feel that her Vulcan art is very special in that it attempts to look past the veneer of discipline and into their private family lives as typical children, fathers, and lovers. Yet, while doing this, she still manages to depict their grace and power. Most of her art centers around Vulcans and Vulcan culture.

I use all kinds of things. I paint, I draw, I CG, I sew etc. I have passion for many kinds of media. How well I pull them off is another matter.

I use a lot of photoshop and gouaches (for my Vulcan-inspired art). Then again, House of Sarek and Take me to a Place are differently done, despite that both are digital media. I love to experiment, I have some new media ideas for my newest art I have in mind. It will be done in traditional media.

My usual sources for inspiration, for Vulcans especially, come from African and Asian cultures. I have a few favorite artists that really pull my heart string in the right direction as well. My biggest inspiration is nature. Do you even realize how many amazing things we have in our world? Sometimes I just stop and pick up a spider or beetle to inspect it closer, because it can be very inspiring and interesting, even for such a small thing.

Inner Peace

She tells me she has been making Star Trek fan-art ever since she was a few episodes into watching the Original Series (her favorite, "because Spock") for the first time. I asked her how she first became interested in Star Trek, and why she felt the Vulcans were so endearing:

This is actually quite a story. I held a presentation at a convention, in 2010, named "The differences between Slash & Yaoi". I had a friend as a co-presentator and it was quite a success. To explain the differences between these two genres we realized that we needed to understand the history of Slash and Yaoi, so we went ahead an researched. My friend chose Yaoi and I chose Slash. As we all know, Star Trek is kinda the grandfather to all slash, so it came up plenty of times while I researched. Funnily enough, I was still not interested to watch the series itself, I merely knew now where Slash has originated from. It was not until one day when my friend came over so we could discuss our presentation when our subject slipped to Star Trek and my friend says: "There is an episode where Spock has a beard." I thought she was joking and she showed me as she owned the whole Original Series. It stole my heart right away. Especially Spock.

I like Vulcans because they are very endearing in their own right. Being the largest hypocrites in the whole galaxy, they make quite interesting characters. Spock stole my heart because, in my opinion, he was truly the deepest and most interesting character. Unfortunately, much my love for Vulcans come from my very own head canon as there is not much information about them, even if they might just be Star Trek's most popular alien race.

Take me to a Place

I had always felt that Vulcans could be very hypocritical, but I wanted to know what made her believe this.

They condemn those who have emotion, yet their own emotions are much stronger than anyone else's. It does not matter if they use logic to squash it, the emotions are still there. I suggest they shut up when others are being emotional and do not criticize it.

Maria's favorite Star Trek characters are (as is evident in her art) Sarek, Spock, and Amanda. This is but one thing we share in common.

Spock, Sarek & Amanda. Spock is Spock. Sarek is an interesting and very unconventional Vulcan, he's endearing in his own right. Amanda is just awesome that she puts up with her husband and son who would make a herd of mules shrivel in Sarek's and Spock's stubborn shadow.


Having been disturbed by the new Star Trek movie (2009) myself, I wondered then how she perceived it. It turns out that while she enjoyed the movie, she shared many of the same concerns with certain aspects.

I enjoyed it quite a lot. It is a Hollywood check-list movie, I'm afraid, there are scenes that I absolutely loathe these days. But I can give credit to many things: I enjoy Pine's Kirk a whole lot, I just hope we can dive into his character a bit more deeply. Quinto's Spock is just adorable and I enjoyed how he was written and played. I understand that people do not dig how he went ballistic on Kirk, but seriously... his planet and mother has just perished, even Sarek's hard logical shell cracks there a bit. I LOVE Ben Cross' Sarek, he's just so adorable I cannot. And of course, Spock Prime will always have a place in my heart.

(Referring to the relationship between Spock and Uhura) I did not like it. Partly because I'm a slash fangirl, Spock/Kirk will always be for me. But also because I absolutely loathe how Hollywood treat women. They want me to see Uhura as a strong, powerful and independent woman. I see a demanding, mean and accusing person. That is not perfect. The other problem is: in Hollywood movies females can never be a centric character without being someone's girlfriend.

She makes a very good point here. I wanted Uhura to remain how we saw her in the original series and in the movies. She was very powerful on her own, and comfortable with who she was, what she believed in, and respectful of the Captain and crew.

Aside from Star Trek, Maria also has many other interests including BBC's Sherlock (another show that I love) and a series of books that I will be picking up at the library at her recommendation.

I am into P.G Wodehouse's Jeeves books, such clever writing I cannot do anything else than bow before his amazing use of words, certainly not any drivel from his direction. BBC's Sherlock series is highly enjoyable, if not a bit frustrating, regarding that the next season comes next year. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yes, I went there. Clever writing and well done characters that have all unique personalities. Animation is superb and has not yet ceased to amaze me.

For those interested in Maria's work, one may find a fascinating gallery at her deviantART and on her tumblr.

I am looking forward to seeing more of her work, and I sincerely hope that you find her work as inspiring as I do. And to the wonderful Maria... Dif-tor heh smusma!

Malatong Ozhikaong - Painting Vulcan's Landscape

The first painting I ever sat down to focus on and actually finish was a piece that I called "Malatong Ozhikaong" which, in Vulcan, translates to "Nature and Logic". It is supposed to be of Vulcan's Forge, Mount Seleya, T'Rukh (meaning "The Watcher", also known as T'Khut, T'Kuht, T'Khul or Valdena depending on the season) and it's moon, T'Rukhemai (Eye of the Watcher). You can also see the carniverous plant "d'mallu" from TAS: Yesteryear.

Yeah, my room is pretty cool. There are even maps of Dante's inferno on the wall.
There was an awkward empty space once I was finished, so I left my hand print and the symbols for two concepts that are extremely important to me, and which led to the title. I would have liked to have the land look more dangerous and uneven, but overall I am quite proud of this painting.

William Shatner - Seeking Major Tom

For my birthday (which happens to be in three days, by the way) my amazing boyfriend got me William Shatner's new album as an early present! I have been excited about this album ever since I first heard about it a week or so ago.

The first thing one notices is the cover, and the casing: brilliant colors and badly photoshopped Shatner-astronaut fronts the beautiful fold-out cardboard case.(right click and open in new tab or window to view full size)

And then you open it up. I may be biased, but everything I see is amazing. Absolutely beautiful. The colors, his face, the anticipation. I have heard all of his other song covers, and he always has a sense of humor when he does them. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds? You can hear his humor there. He has fun with what he does.

Can you imagine William Shatner with a nose ring?
The album has the exact effect that Shatner says he was going for - one gets the feeling of being involved in Major Tom's adventure after he is lost in Space. In between songs, it keeps reverting the phrases from the song "Major Tom" - two sides searching for each other, and Major Tom's wonder at what has happened to him. Through William Shatner's renditions, we experience the heaven and hell that Major Tom goes through, from his perspective.

The songs may feature William Shatner's voice, but one must listen to it as if one were listening to Major Tom himself. It is his narrative - and in being a lost man's own narrative, it is not to be trusted. What happens at the end? Does he see planet earth, or is it merely (another?) hallucination?  

This album also includes an original composition by William Shatner in conjunction with Adam Hamilton: Struggle, which is absolutely wonderful. But nothing can compete with his rendition/interpretation of Bohemian Rhapsody, Spirit in the Sky, and Iron Man (for which he received an Honorary Head Banger Award).

It also comes with a little booklet (which I have not scanned, because I am lazy and sick and scanning stuff would involve getting of the couch and kicking people off of the other computer). Just believe me when I say that the booklet is booklet-y and has more pictures of William Shatner's "space wonder" face.

Seeking Major Tom is out now. They have it at Walmart even - get it, or the Romulans will get you.