Saturday, 15 October 2011

Malatong Ozhikaong - Painting Vulcan's Landscape

The first painting I ever sat down to focus on and actually finish was a piece that I called "Malatong Ozhikaong" which, in Vulcan, translates to "Nature and Logic". It is supposed to be of Vulcan's Forge, Mount Seleya, T'Rukh (meaning "The Watcher", also known as T'Khut, T'Kuht, T'Khul or Valdena depending on the season) and it's moon, T'Rukhemai (Eye of the Watcher). You can also see the carniverous plant "d'mallu" from TAS: Yesteryear.

Yeah, my room is pretty cool. There are even maps of Dante's inferno on the wall.
There was an awkward empty space once I was finished, so I left my hand print and the symbols for two concepts that are extremely important to me, and which led to the title. I would have liked to have the land look more dangerous and uneven, but overall I am quite proud of this painting.

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