Friday, 21 October 2011

Scribbling Star Trek Cast Members on ScribblerToo

I found about about a great site the other day when I was browsing the internet - and a wonderful little resource ScribblerToo. It is immediately addicting, and with it one can produce all kinds of unique designs.

While it is somewhat difficult to draw with a mouse (as I do not yet own a tablet of any kind) I certainly had a lot of fun doodling Doctor McCoy, Kirk, and Spock: (to enlarge, right click and open in new tab or window)

I really enjoy how McCoy and Spock turned out - they are very strange. Kirk (with his super-awesome fatshirt) looks entirely wrong to me, however. That must be why Spock is looking at him so.

For anyone who is interested, I also have a DeviantART account here.


  1. Thanks, that's a great drawing tool which I'd never heard of. I too am mouse-challenged when it comes to such things, but I gave it a go.

    How goes your collection of Marvel back issues? I thought that series wound up, uh, rather poorly and that DC did a better job with the license. At least the Marvels took place in a recognizable Trek universe, unlike the beginning of the Gold Key run (which was rather like the first James Blish adaptions - before he'd so much as seen an episode of what he was adapting! :) )