Tuesday, 31 May 2011

You are superior in only one respect... You are better at dying.

I am a huge fan of Doctor Who, going back to William Hartnell 1963. I may not have been born early enough to see the classics, but thanks to today's technology and copyright infringements, most of the episodes are available online.

My favorite species (along with the Timelords, Ood, and Sensorites) are definitely the Daleks; anybody walking into my room for the first time comes to that conclusion in an instant - Daleks line my shelves and battle on my walls.

I took a few of them down today (with my TARDIS) for a special photoshoot, but it didn't work out so great because of the lighting. That aside, here they are:

In all of their glory, guarding the TARDIS for some reason. Waiting for the Doctor to return?
This TARDIS is actually a piggy bank, given to me by my mother for my birthday. Open the doors, and one of several quotes will sound from the third series of Doctor Who.

I don't know why Martha looks so smug... the Daleks have her surrounded.
I always tell people that I have a semi-functional TARDIS. It sounds really impressive, until you realize that by semi-funtional I mean that it makes sounds, lights up on top, and holds spare change. Still, I am sure it can travel through time and space if you use your imagination. I know I have.

Anyways, the "engines" start up when the doors are closed back up. If at any time the Doctor actually does make it over here, I won't know now because I will just assume that somebody is playing with my piggy bank again. It sounds that real.

It lights up! And for some reason, the Daleks just look on...
These three Daleks are from the Doctor Who: Classic Dalek 3-Pack. For those of you who don't know, the light grey Dalek is as first seen in 1964's "The Dead Planet", the gold Supreme Dalek as seen in 1973's "Planet of the Daleks", and the dark grey Dalek is as seen in 1975's Genesis of the Daleks.

This is the last picture of them, I swear.
I find the first Daleks more aesthetically pleasing than the more modern versions, especially those introduced to the eleventh doctor in "Victory of the Daleks". These new designs made them look like the Power Rangers, a bit laughable, and extremely clunky.

I leave you now with my favorite Dalek-Cyberman conversation. Enjoy!

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