Sunday, 20 November 2011

Playmates The Keeper from Talos IV and Bele from Cheron

While rummaging through the boxes at Comic Con in October, I found two more Playmates Figures (Aside from Spock ad Pike, shown here). I took some photos so that you, the readers, may see the wonderful details.

One of my favorite characters (I have many) has always been The Keeper from Talos IV, a Talosian as seen in the first pilot episode "The Cage". Because of this, I was extremely excited when I found a Playmates Serialized Warp Factor Series 5 Talosian from 1998. It is obvious that this is The Keeper, due to the pendant worn around the neck. It also came with a Talosian viewer (alien menagerie monitor) and a classic action base.
On the back of the box:
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Alien Database:
Creature: Talosian Keeper
Homeworld: Talos IV
Unique Features: Unusually Large Cranium
Unique Capabilities: Telepathic Communications
Comments: Talosians are extremely dangerous. They can implant any thought or illusion in the Humanoid mind. Talos IV is quarantined.
Also, check out those matching underwear and muscular legs. I never knew.

The fourth and last figure I got at that table was Bele from Cheron, as seen in the TOS episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield". This figure is part of the same series as the Talosian Keeper - the 1998 Serialized Warp Factor Series 5. The "Galactic Gear" that came with Bele: a Lantern bottle (Ornate beverage container), fluted glass & fluted bottle (glassware appropriate for formal toasts), stemmed glass (Useful for all occasions), acorn top bottle (Container corked to keep the flavor),  and a classic action base.
On the back of the box:
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Alien Database:
Name: Bele
Rank: Chief Officer, Commission on Political Traitors
Homeworld: Cheron
Unique Characteristics: Bi-Colored Pigmentation (Black/White)
Comments: Bele is one of only two survivors of his species (Cross-reference: Lokai)

Eventually I would like to get such figures as Sarek, Spock from Unification, and - although I am not sure that one exists - Surak. Until then, I shall sit on the top bunk above my shelves and admire the Playmates figures that I have.


  1. I did not realize there was such a jogging regimen on Talos IV that builds up the natives' leg muscles like that. The must have some nice tracks underground.

    I have Spock from "Unification"; I want to say (and I may be wrong) they had a box of Playmates action figures at Dragon*Con for relatively cheap (especially considering how much I paid for some of mine via e-bay).