Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Star Trek Forums - Why They Are Amazing, And Why I No Longer Go On Them.

Star Trek forums are amazing. They allow people to communicate with others that have the same interests, and share things that they find interesting. One can enter a specific "thread" and read various opinions and explanations for episodes, personalities, and inconsistencies. There are people who prefer for discussion to be canon, and those who wish to include all references such as novels and comics. Entering a Star Trek forum is truly a unique experience - at least to me.

A while ago, I decided to give it a try.

This all seems simple enough!
I made an account and looked around - engaging in conversations (or attempting to do so) and offering opinions. I found, right away, that people can be very severe - even mean. I also found it to be very intimidating. Soon I found that many who started their own threads were merely sharing things that they found interesting or asking questions. I soon did so, but relating to my blog and asking for suggestions and attempting to share that which they may find interesting. These threads, however, were promptly closed. I tried to understand the reasoning they gave me, and the next time I posted something I searched for an existing thread. Apparently, if there is already a thread but has not been used in a while, posting is not wanted. I had not been on the forum for many months when I decided I would try once more.

Again, i failed.

I just don't understand this construct...
I don't know why I can't seem to understand this sort of thing on the internet, why it should be so difficult for me. I do not want to blame Aspergers, because even then I am sure I can understand if I try hard enough, and avoid misunderstandings. I searched for the forum rules to review once more, but could not find them. While amazing for fans, I think I will stay away from forums for a while.

My brain hurts.


  1. The Internet, making people feel lonely and bad since 1995.

  2. I don't see anything in the rules about posting links to your vlog (and it certainly doesn't constitute a "fan production.") The only thing that comes remotely close (yet still doesn't apply IMHO) is soliciting: "Do not attempt to solicit other BBS members: posting to sell or endorse a product or web site will not be permitted." I'd IM a moderator and ask "what was wrong this post?"

    Your mask is awesome. The person who inferred otherwise should be banned for trolling. I completely gave up on forums; too much over-moderation and negativity.


  3. Though I did once have fun in a forum debating religion with David Gerrold, though that was kind of like "you try to match brains with Spock, he'll cut you down every time" (or however that line goes.) ;)

  4. @Anonymous

    I didn't think is constituted a "fan production" either. So I put it in "other trek related things or something".

    Thank you very much - I think I will give up on forums as well.

    Thank you for your feedback and information, it is much appreciated!

  5. T'Laina,

    It seems to me based on your statements and on my happening to have seen the threads you reference, that perhaps the problem is not "Forums" in general but one forum in particular. That one while certainly very popular is not the only game in town. I would like to offer the suggestion that you may want to try looking around for other forums to see if there is one more suitable to your personality and temperment. Or even create one of your own.

    Having said that, choosing not to participate in forums is certainly a valid choice. But you seem like a very interesting person with a unique point of view. It was through the post you obliquely reference that I found your blog, and I believe that had I not found them I would be poorer for having missed you.



  6. I have trouble finding any Star Trek forums at all, and my weird problem is the ones I do I say this?...the fans aren't hardcore enough for me. One of the Livejournal ST communities is decent, and I posted a bit there when I was re-watching "Enterprise," but I need a community that realllllllllllly likes Star Trek. I just need to realize not everyone thinks it is the bee's knees like me and how much it really raised me. I have a UFP tattoo for goodness sake...

  7. @Stoek

    I may, eventually, look around for another forum. For now, I am going to stay away from them and concentrate on my own thing. Creating me own would be interesting to, but right now I am much too busy as it is.

    I am glad that you found my blog and enjoy it, and thank you very much for the wonderful advice - I appreciate it!

    Dif-tor heh smusma

  8. I am technically still part of a community that has supported a forum for more than a decade, but activity died not long after new Star Trek stopped airing on TV. I would sometimes hear that it was difficult to break into the community, but as I had a relatively easy time of it I guess I never really understood why. But I guess you have to really suffer the community, sometimes, its particular idiosyncrasies. The one I'm referencing (but won't name, because there's very little point in 2012) had members who were both highly involved in a few of its most frequent visitors and extremely opinionated, and basically intolerant of other views. There was the one view most people seemed to share (Voyager and Enterprise were essentially rubbish to them), and for those who didn't share that opinion it was basically a constant battle to try and justify themselves. I was a member in good enough standing that I got to write articles for the community (but few people actually read them, mostly because there was very little interest in actually thinking about Star Trek).

    Anyway, roundabout way of saying I kind of know what you mean. And I'm clearly not referencing TrekBBS. Those people are rabid, and they really are impenetrable, unless you somehow find a way in. It takes a certain kind of fan to fit in there.

    1. I am glad I'm not the only one. I wish people would be more accepting of others' opinions, or at least more respectful when countering them...

      Thank you for sharing this,
      - T'Laina

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