Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Introducing: Paul.

Bah Weep Gragnah Weep Ni Ni Bong, T’Laina fans!

I know, I know - you came here today expecting to drink tea and read some epic Star Trek blog posts, and I apologize if you’re adamantly against trying new things… and now you're just curious as to what the hell is going on. Who is this interloper babbling on about nonsense? I’m the girl’s boyfriend. I’m the lovely bloggers biddy boy. I’m the one who pays for 8% of her memorabilia and such.

Call me Paul.

A Ceti Eel larvae creeps up on Paul's shoulder...
I’ve known the lass for a good four years, and obsessed over her and lovely eyes the entire time. This year, shortly after my birthday we consummated our relationship with the purchase of a rather expensive Transformer (Sentinel Prime, for the curious), she demanded I “do” a blog post about Star Trek and Doctor Who - and who am I to argue?

Before I met her I must confess, Star Trek and Doctor Who were in the background of my life - present, but not in the forefront. I was aware of it, the characters, the eleven different incarnations of the Doctor… but it never really interested me. Even the 2009 Star Trek rape - I mean film - made me shrug and say “meh”.

After T’Laina started dating me, she put me in mandatory trek classes, and then Doctor Who classes. Color me surprised - I found myself very much enjoying both. The characters, the situations, the performances… all very nuanced material actually. I won’t say I stereotyped either as “generic sci-fi crud”, but I didn’t expect the intelligence or social commentary.

Into the ear canal, to the cerebral coretex!
T’Lania speaks very highly about her Trek and Who, tons and tons of hours whittled away on it. Sometimes it bothers me, but most times not. It depends on how much she does it.

For me, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of either Star Trek or Doctor Who is a combination of Wrath of Khan and the very poorly made movie Dr. Who and the Daleks, starring my personal favorite Actor, Peter Cushing. T’Laina hates that particular film, as she says it is a bad knock-off. I only like it because it’s Cushing.

Now, just saying up front:
Favorite Captain: Kirk
Favorite Doctor: Sylvester McCoy.
Why? They’re the ones I find the most enduring.

I must confess that I myself am a nerd in general - my heart and interests lie in a sea of giant monsters and DC superheroes. But with T’Laina, an adventure into the world of television sci-fi was made very enjoyable. I would be very happy to read a comic wherein Batman throws punches with Spock!

That is all for me today, dear friends. I return you to your regularly scheduled blog posts.

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