Saturday, 28 July 2012

Mirror, Mirror Spock and Captain Kirk Shirts

Out of all of my Star Trek shirts, only two of them have to do with a specific episode - and they both just happen to have to do with the TOS episode Mirror, Mirror.

Yesterday while I was at the comic shop getting my Stealth Cyberman figure, I also came across this wonderful "Evil" mirror Spock shirt:

On the bus ride home, however, I had an anxiety attack over the fact that I got a shirt that implied that Mirror Spock was evil - when I disagree. I never thought he was evil, but perhaps I merely define "evil" differently.

I also have a Mirror, Mirror shirt with Captain Kirk and Mirror Spock on it that I got used for five dollars at the Comic and Toy expo a year or so ago:

I also picked up a new tripod today, which makes taking quality self portraits and such much, much easier. No more propping my camera up on books and a stool for me!