Friday, 27 July 2012

Product Enterprise Limited Edition Talking "Cybertrooper" Stealth Cyberman

Today I went to the comic shop for the first time in almost a year, and I came across this wonderful Product Enterprise Cyberman figure (I even took hundreds of photos as soon as I got home and photoshopped the following picture, which just shows how excited I was about it):

There were only two Cybermen figures in the shop, the other being all silver. These Cybermen are were featured in the 1985 serial "Attack of the Cybermen".

Scans of the back and sides of the box:

Honestly, when I first read the sticker that said "Limited Edition Cybertrooper", I was somewhat confused - it looked like a stealth Cyberman to me. It turns out that they are the same thing, but in searching the term "cybertrooper doctor who", I found references only to this particular figure.

These stealth Cybermen (as faced by the wonderful Sixth Doctor, who happens to be one of my favorites) always remind me of the borg more than any other. By looking at the photos above, I am sure one is able to deduce the reasons. (Here's a hint: to make it into a borg, merely replace the head.)

These Cyberman figures were sculpted by Gary Hilliard (who also sculpted a beautiful bust of Count Orlok [Nosferatu], my favorite Vampire) and Ian Crichton. Oh, and the amazing artwork on the box? That was done by the amazing Graham Humphreys (one of my favorite artists). With all of these amazing people working on the product, it's no wonder that I found myself immediately drawn to this Cyberman figure.

This figure stands about 9" tall, takes 2 LR44 batteries, and speaks four phrases when the chest unit is pressed upon: "eradicate the Time Lord", "emotion is a weakness", "destroy earth", and "excellent". Unfortunately, the sound is poor quality.

With this figure also comes a blaster gun, with a buckle strap.

The detailing on the surface of the figure is absolutely beautiful, and the weight and feel of the figure means that I will be carrying it with me for a long time. It's just such a nice figure to hold.

Tomorrow I will be eating cereal, and while the spoon will be in one hand, the stealth cyberman will be in the other. I will then take a shower, while sticking my right arm out through a hole in the shower curtain, clinging to the Cyberman. Etc.

Well, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. But I will be carrying it around.

It also comes with a 1.5" Cybermat. I find it interesting, however, that they chose to include the cybermat from the 1968 serial "The Wheel in Space". Personally, I would have loved for them to have included the Cybermat from The Tomb of the Cybermen because well, I found them to be adorable with their antennae. 

I have always loved the Cybermen, but this is my first Cyberman figure. I am definitely going to be investing in a lot more, however, and this will always be the one figure that started it all.