Sunday, 4 March 2012

Doctor Who Postcards From Time and Space - 100 Doctor Who Postcards in One Box

Walking (or rather weaving, trying not be touched by the other people) between the tables set up with collectibles at the Comic and Toy Expo, I came across a single TARDIS box, laying in front of some Classic Who DVDs. I ended up buying both the box and the DVDs, but do you know what was inside the box? One hundred beautiful Doctor Who postcards.

The main focus seems to be on Matt Smith and his episodes, but there are also quite a few creatures from the tenth Doctor's (David Tennant's) adventures. I have not seen a lot of these images before, and I picked out quite a few of my favorites to scan. I split them into two categories - portrait and landscape - and have posted the landscape postcards below. The rest will be in another post. At the top of each card I have written the description from the back. Click images to enlarge.

"Doctor? Doctor, are you out there? Can you hear me? Doctor?" (Amy Pond)

"You have been here many days. No one is coming." (Silent)

"Time to roll out the secret weapon!" (Winston Churchill)

"The New Dalek Paradigm"

"The Dream Lord's alternate reality"

"The Doctor and Amy Pond"

"Homo Reptilia, warrior class... A new type of Silurian, different tribe."

"Rubbish. Must be broken. I hate these things."

"One of Vincent van Gogh's final paintings. The Pandorica Opens."

"A Christmas Carol"

"It is the Doctor! Exterminate..."

"I need you all with me now. Whatever happens, promise me you'll stay." (the Doctor)

"Smiler on Starship IK"

"The TARDIS hutles through the Vortex on the way to another adventure"

"Gallifrey - home planet of the Time Lords"

"Aliens of London/World War Three"

"The Doctor"

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