Thursday, 22 March 2012

What if the Manic Street Preachers were on Vulcan? Die in the Summertime Translated

As many of you may know, I am utterly obsessed with the Manic Street Preachers - and have been for years. There is absolutely nothing about them I do not admire. The quality I admire most was/is in Richey Edwards - a god-like lyrical ability.

Two things have been taking up most of my time lately: the Vulcan Language, and the Holy Bible (album). While listening to "Die in the Summertime", I decided to try translating it into Vulcan.

Each line has three rows. The first row is my translation, and the second row is how my Vulcan translation translates back into English literally. The third line is the original.

Tev-tor svi'falek-wak - Die in the Summertime

Sash-thes-tor mal t'nash-veh k'zhar'es felu
(Etch leg of this one with rust(y) nail)
(Scratch my leg with a rusty nail)

K'la'tusan hakausu
(With mourning healing)
(Sadly it heals)

Kur-tor isachya t'nash-veh - hi sa-to'ovau kur-tukh
(Color hair of this one, but outward grow(s) dye)
(Color my hair, but the dye grows out)

Ri hafau nash-veh nodo-tangu
(Not stay this one fixed ideal)
(I can't seem to stay a fixed ideal)


Bikuvlar t'kan-wak korsovau - sok'i eh k'mol-kom
(Pictures of childhood redeem, clean and with serenity)
(Childhood pictures redeem, clean and so serene)

Gla-tor nash-veh shal ri k'vashaun zehlar
(See this one self not with destroying lines)
(See myself without ruining lines)

Ovsot gadlar - lehman pi'gelar vi'pilashlar
(Total days, throwing sticks in streams)
(Whole days throwing sticks into streams)


Ki'ukrau nash-veh ni irak fi'vla
(Have crawl(ed) this one so far on side)
(I have crawled so far sideways)

Naglanshau nash-veh neik-ha'gel-ulidarlar t'fereikan
(Recognise this one dim marks of creation)
(I recognise dim traces of creation)

Aitlu nash-veh tev-tor - tev-tor svi'falek-wak
(Want this one die, die in summer season)
(I wanna die, die in the summer time)

Aitlu nash-veh tev-tor
(Want this one die)
(I wanna die)


Razh svi'ha'kiv t'nash-veh kurau ruhm solek
(Hole in life of this one stain(s) even soil)
(The hole in my life even stains the soul)

Netakidau khaf-spol t'nash-veh - pi'khaf-spol-gaya goh
(Reduce heart of this one, small pulse only)
(My heart shrinks to barely a pulse)

Pi'aushfa - vi'tcha yonuk-da-kuv
(Small animal, into curl quarter circle)
(A tiny animal curled into a quarter circle)

Kuv tun-tor du maut - pu-tor du ash'yalar t'eit'jae-sular
(If care you very, wash you feet of beg person)
(If you really care, wash the feet of a beggar)

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