Friday, 2 March 2012

Sherlock Gnomes - From Vulcan to Romulan - Old Costume Dress-up

I have not been spending a lot of time with some of my friends, being so busy and being such a procrastinator. They live so far away that I actually have to plan an entire day around them, and it doesn't always work out. This will be remedied.

One of those friends, who has made an appearance on this blog before, is the one and only "Sherlock Gnomes". The one time I had her over to my place (about half a year ago), I dressed her up quickly in a pair of my ears and my Vulcan headdress (and some green eyeliner, because that is all I had at the time):

She is standing in front of my closet door, which is covered in Star Trek pictures.

I took the headdress of of her, but kept the ears on - and she looked like an adorable Romulan girl. One might expect to find her roaming the high school hallways on Romulus (above). After scrubbing off the eyeliner and putting away my costume, she went home. I may see her again at the Comic and Toy expo this weekend - and I will bet anything that she has an amazing home-made costume. She is my Cosplay Queen.