Friday, 2 March 2012

1991 Presents Hamilton Gifts Star Trek Mug - Sulu

My Boyfriend came to me one day and said that he had been at the local thrift shop - and that he had a gift for me. Fist he gave me a disgusting monkey three feet tall, furry, ugly, and dirty. I am still quite sure that it was a joke. But then he gave me a bag with a mug inside:

There are quite a few of these mugs out there, with different members of the crew featured. These mugs were distributed exclusively by "Presents", a division of Hamilton Gifts. Like many things, these ceramic mugs were made in Korea. On the front is a picture of the crew member (Sulu), and the text around the image reads "The voyages of the Starship Enterprise - To boldly go where no man has gone before".

On the back of the mug is the crew member (or ship's) name - coming toward you in 2D WARP SPEED. I am very fond of the artwork done for these mugs. On the bottom of the mug it states that the artwork was created "Star Date 0786.28 by Susie Morton of Planet Earth".

He has found me another mug since then - with Captain Kirk - but I have yet to take pictures because of the state of my camera. Until then, here is a picture of me drinking milk out of my Sulu mug:

(my ears, from that angle, look slightly pointed - I don't mind)

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