Saturday, 6 August 2011

Star Trek Color and Activity Book 1979 - Futuristic Fun!

When compared the color and activity books I had posted from 1978 a few days ago, this one has less of a story line, a simpler cover, and more "interesting" inter-activities. The front of the book has a picture of Kirk and Spock from the motion Picture, and gives us something to look forward to: "Futuristic Fun." Because coloring and connecting dots is very futuristic.

First we have the mandatory shots of the crew - pretty straight forward stuff. Feel free to print these out and color them with whatever you want. Click on the images to enlarge.

Now things start to get a little odd and/or obvious. On this page we have a "Klingon Letter to Number," as identified by Spock.

Next we have to connect the dots to figure out who is being beamed up. In case you can't tell who it is by their faces, I won't ruin it for you. Print it off, give it a go, and draw some tribbles falling from the sky.

Lastly, I scanned this page for it's pure absurdity. Can you figure out what is wrong with this picture? (Damnit Jim - I'm a doctor, not a sailor-grave digger!) Mr. Sulu looks like Luanne from King of the Hill, Uhura looks like she should be out with her droogs, Spock is in his most illogical state yet, and Captain Kirk thinks he is the king of radio transmissions.

Just a reminder - the deadline for the contest I am holding is September 1. For anyone who is interested, you can read the guidelines and take a gander at some examples over HERE.

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