Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Own Little Corner of Heaven - A Salute to Greatness

Just about half of all my Star Trek and Doctor Who belongings take up a single corner of my (shared) bedroom. Basically, I have this kind of shrine made up of a desk with some shelves piled on top of it holding my books, magazines, figures, unlimited rice pudding, etcetera (bonus points to anyone who got that reference).

Anyways - while playing around with my new camera the other day, I took some photos of this cluttered contraption and the belongings which I hold so very dear (click to enlarge):

To those who have been following my blog up until this point, many of these items will look familiar. If you would direct your attention to the photos directly below:

You would see (especially if you enlarged the photo) many fantastic things such as: the Portal cake. Pictures of myself in Vulcan dress with Robert Picardo and Tim Russ. A paper model of the Enterprise. A portion of my Star Trek and Doctor Who novels. My kalimba and wooden harp. Random printed out pictures stuck to the wall. A newspaper clipping that reads "Crucifixion Draws Crowd". Every TOS episode on DVD, guarded by Daleks. A TARDIS. Metal Box (PiL). Some of my arts and crafts. My action figures. Tons of Manic Street Preachers and PiL CDs. A 3D holographic Dalek poster. An ant playing a trumpet, whom I named Adam Ant and is from Whoville. Star Trek movies. A newspaper cut-out of Sheldon and Leonard in their underwear. I could go on, but instead I will move on to the bottom...

Down here we have fun things like Star Trek: The Game. A tricorder. Star Trek Magazines. More Star Trek and Doctor Who novels. Star Trek and Doctor Who hardcovers. The floor. And if you look in behind the books, you will see Richey Edwards poking his head out from under the desk.

The rest of my things are on (hyperbole time again!) a million other shelves in my room, and my comics are in boxes. I love my room - it is filled with everything I have ever loved, but in excess. I swear to you now, there is nothing better.

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