Monday, 29 August 2011

International Cosplay Day Part Two - Whovian Chalk Art

This post is a continuation of Part One - Vulcan Priestess.

While the cosplay crew and I were leaving the park, we crossed a walking-bridge that was perfect for drawing on. Luckily, we had some chalk with us. Only two of us ended up drawing on the bridge, because the others got embaressed when we wrote "Let's Kill Hitler" on the railing and entrance in celebration of the new Doctor Who season.

I drew a Dalek (very badly):

While I was drawing the Dalek (and trying not to drag my robes through the chalk), my friend was busy drawing the TARDIS and a chibi Eleventh Doctor and Amy (which she is known for):

I forget exactly how I got started, I believe we were talking about cracks in walls when I began up running up and down the bridge yelling "Prisoner Zero has escaped!". I wrote the phrase on the bridge right before some children showed up and asked if they could draw a dog. It ended up turning into a kangaroo/dinosaur, but it was incredibly cute.

We hope that there were at least a few Whovians who walked over the bridge that day - because we know that if we found this on a bridge, we would be ecstatic.

Next segment: International Cosplay Day - McCoy's adventures. McCoy is captured by a giant race on a parallel earth.