Monday, 29 August 2011

International Cosplay Day Part Three - Abducting McCoy

Part One - Vulcan Priestess
Part Two - Whovian Chalk Art

On the way to the park for International Cosplay Day, I picked up a McCoy figure for fifteen dollars. It had been in the same cabinet for an entire year- I don't know why I didn't get him before.

We brought McCoy everywhere with us, so that he could observe the culture of the giant beings that had abducted him and kept him in a cage in so long. In this parallel earth, many dangers awaited him - we were his only protection.

My friend "Gnomes" providing transportation for Bones.
Unfortunately (for him), we did subject him to caterpillars. This one took quite a liking to his face, and was named "Tribble". You can see the distress in his face.

All did not go as planned on the planet's surface...
We brought him along with us to watch "Conan the Barbarian", a typical cultural occurrence. The movie basically consisted of people holding things over their head and yelling. It also included holding a naked baby up in the middle of a battle to be pierced with an arrow. Inspired by the movie, and weary of large predators, McCoy stole my ring and proceeded to use it as armor.

Self defense comes first. Prepared for battle, Barbarian style.
As soon as the movie ended, we were told by a young couple to go and get a coffee (in a very profane way). None of us were quite sure why, but we decided it would be nice to go to Tim Horton's anyways. As McCoy, in his current state and position, was unable to find appropriate sustenance - we provided it for him. Unaccustomed to such large utensils, we felt obligated to help him out.

Being spoon fed soup - Doctor's do, however, make difficult patients.
McCoy asked specifically for a mint julep, but was told that they did not sell them in coffee and doughnut shops. He settled on sharing a fruit smoothie with us. We had to lift him up to the straw.

But nothing beats a mint julep.
Eventually we all made our way back, and McCoy now resides on a shelf with the others whom I had abducted in the past - Kirk, Sulu, and Spock.

Thus concludes my tales of International Cosplay Day. Please do not be concerned about Doctor Leonard McCoy, for he tells me he has settled and is content in his new home. He was retiring anyways - It has been about 45 years, after all.