Sunday, 21 August 2011

I Can Build the Enterprise - I Can Build it Nine Times!

Some of the best things I have found were found in a dusty room behind badly cared for comics and 1980's newspapers. I haven't been to that particular antique shop lately, though - I ended up spending hundreds of dollars every time I went there.

One of the last things I got at that shop was a Star Trek "The Original Series" Make Your Own Starship Kit - the USS Enterprise NC-1701.

When I started to put it together I realized that I needed some kind of glue. Being the inexperienced paper-model-thingy-maker I am, I used white glue. That was not a good idea, I found - the paper got all wiggly, it took forever to dry, and for some reason it kept getting really grimy.

Fortunately, it didn't turn out too badly - I was actually quite surprised when I held the finished product in my hands and it actually looked like the Enterprise. I don't know what I expected it to look like, maybe a mutant cat-blob.

I used the kit's cover for a folder to hold random papers when all of the pieces were punched out. It is still my very favorite.

I had a camera with me while I was working on this model, so I was taking pictures of my progress the entire time (it took my clumsy fingers and I about six hours to complete). Below are (in order) the photos I took, for anyone who is interested.

Just look at that fancy photography. (Sarcasm!)

I would like to eventually get some model kits for the original Warbird and Bird of Prey. Hopefully I can find some around here - if not, I might order some.

PS. anyone who got the Homestar Runner reference is my hero.


  1. i got it! i got the reference nine times. now if only i could get my hands on one of those model kits, too...i'll keep my eyes peeled at antiques stores!

  2. @Anonymous

    I love you, anonymous entity!
    Much luck on your quest!