Sunday, 28 August 2011

International Cosplay Day Part One - Vulcan Priestess

Yesterday, as many of you know, was International Cosplay Day. To celebrate, I made my way over to the park where I was to meet other cosplayers from the city. My boyfriend and I (after getting distracted by comic book stores) finally arrived at the designated spot, but there were no other cosplayers to be seen - yet.

We started walking, and noticed a small crowd coming towards us. One of the girls contorted her face in awe as she came face to face with a Vulcan Priestess.

To create my costume, I used fabric that I got at the thrift stores around my house - curtains, table cloths, etc. I used my fez (I miss my fez) to create the shape for the headdress. A lot of measuring, cutting and sewing later - I had my first ever costume.

Down the back (deviating from the norm - this script would normally appear on the chest)read "Rata Tafar Tapan". This outfit/costume was inspired by T'Lar.

It was really great meeting other trekkies and whovians my age in the city - I was beginning to think that they didn't exist. We spent our time talking about comics, trek/who episodes, sci-fi novels, and other cool stuff that I could hardly ever talk to anybody about before. Well, I do talk about it, they just end up telling me they don't care.

I found people who care.

A few people came up to me and asked what the occasion was, and while on our way to get some food some boys yelled "neeeeerrrrdddsss!" from their car. I spent the entire day in costume (on a hot summer day) doing everything from banking, to shopping, to eating.

We did so many things that day, that I am going to have to cover it in a few posts.

The girl I am pictured melding with above is absolutely amazing. I met her for the first time yesterday and we got along immediately - we are alike in almost every way. She also has a really cute blog, and wrote a post on our adventures on the Beach-Blog.

More on our adventures to come! Sochya eh dif.