Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Doctor Who Glass - Drinking Water in Style with a Dalek, a Cyberman, and Tom Baker as The Doctor.

A few days ago I was (as usual) wandering and busing around the city in search of unique and affordable collectables. A glass may not exactly be unique, but it was sure affordable, there was only one of them, and it had COOL THINGS on it. First of all, it has a Cyberman and a Dalek on it. Second of all, it has Tom Baker as The Fourth Doctor on the front under the Doctor Who logo. Third... it's a glass. And I can drink from it.

The thing is, though, I have only used it to drink water once. I am too paranoid about the color coming off of the glass, so it sits on my shelf with my Doctor Who DVDs and will probably never get used again. Oh, the woes of a collector. (And yet I take my action figures out of the packaging to act out episodes and do other "cool things". Go figure.)

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