Friday, 8 July 2011

Only I Can Make Spock Pout - Custom Shirts are Cool.

I got a custom order shirt the other day, with a glorious and vibrant picture of Spock pressed onto it. Unfortunately (or hilariously, you decide!) it was printed onto a boy's shirt, which means the picture is distorted when I bend over or when I am gallivanting around and it starts to fit my form. This results in random derp-y and pouty Spock faces, as I shall demonstrate below (click picture to enlarge):

Notice Spock's "derp" face in the top right hand corner, and his pouty face in the bottom. No doubt this is what people see when I am walking down the street and lugging my books around the city. Luckily, I love his face in any form, and I'm just glad to have finally gotten my hands on such an awesome piece of clothing!