Thursday, 21 July 2011

Woochie Space Ear Tips Vs. Rubies Classic Spock Ears

For the last Star Trek convention I went as a Vulcan Priestess (going by the name T'Laina) to meet Robert Picardo and Tim Russ (both very nice people, by the way!). Tim Russ and I had a wonderful conversation about Vulcan costuming and T'Lar, and I posed for pictures with my fellow convention-goers. (Getting to the point) During this time, I was wearing "Woochie Space Ear Tips" to complete my look:

It's like if Sarek had caterpillars for eyebrows.

To give you a quick idea of what they look like when they are on, I took a picture of myself wearing them without any additional makeup or blending (and they need a lot of that). The nice thing about the ear tips is that I can still wear my tunnels and random ear-jewelry:

Since then, I have gotten another pair of ears, these ones being more specific - Rubies Star Trek Classic Spock Ears. These ones cover the entire ear, and have more realistic coloring - they are darker and come with the shading already done. Unfortunately, this pair is fitted for slightly smaller ears than mine (as if only children run around the city with Spock ears!) and my ear lobes practically have to be folded in half to fit.

My camera was broken the other day, so I scanned these.
I actually like the full ears much better than the ear tips, if only they fit better. As you can (obviously) see, I had to hold the bottom down, because not even my spirit gun would keep the bottom in place. (Could my ears really be that big? I'm not a big person!)

In case anyone is wondering, yes - I do have a blond patch of hair near the back. This is what you get when you bleach your hair, and then dye it back dark using box dye when you have long hair and are in a hurry. You end up missing spots, at then when you cut it short again you look like a calico. Not that I mind.


  1. I have bought and tried both of those ears before. Neither me or my makeup artist friend could successfully put on the partial tips and even then they were very pale and didn't take to makeup very well. I found that the over the ear ones not only fit me better, but matched my skin tone. If you put enough spirit gum on, they will stay on well enough. Very informative!