Sunday, 18 September 2011

T'Mir - Homesick for a Planet That Does Not Exist

One day, after walking downtown in the blistering heat to buy new art supplies, I decided to try something entire new to me - water color pencils. I grabbed a piece of canvas board, put on some Public Image Ltd., and went straight to work. I have since improved my technique, but this piece depicting T'Mir (from the book "The Vulcan Academy Murders) turned out better than I had hoped. T'Mir is done in water color pencils, and the background is painted with watered down ink.

I took a picture of myself holding it with pride. You can't see the pride behind the canvas, flannel, and furry hat, but it is there. Behold, T'Mir - in some kind of glory or something:

Addressing my attire: For some reason the weather is going crazy over here. A couple of days ago it was 35 degrees Celsius, and now it is reaching zero.

That's us crazy Canadians - cold and snow and living in igloos and riding polar bears to work. I have a pet beaver and there is a canoe strapped to the roof of my family's car. I drink beer and maple syrup while playing hockey.

But I'm really just joshing, eh?

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