Thursday, 22 September 2011

True Cashier Stories - Star Trek Puns and Doctor Who

Incident One
A customer comes up with a ladder. The brand is "Vulcan".

Me: "Vulcan ladder, eh? Logical choice!

Incident Two
For months now, I have had a small picture of the First Doctor (William Hartnell) taped to my name tag. Only a few people have ever said anything about it.

Customer: Who is that on your name tag?
Me: The Doctor.
Customer: Doctor Who?
Me: Exactly. (Classic)

Incident Three
Referring to the same picture taped onto the same name tag.

Customer: Who is that on your name tag? Is that you?
Me: Yes, I'm the Doctor.
Customer: But that looks like an old man.
Me: Well yes, but you see - I finally got around to fixing the chameleon circuit and I had some extra time so I calibrated it to apply to Time Lords as well. I may look like a young girl, but I assure you: I am 900 years old. I am the Doctor.
Customer: I don't understand.

Because I'm a cool cashier, right?


  1. LOL! NONE of the customers got any of those??? Sad.

  2. "Hello, I'm the doctor. I work in a shop now." <3