Thursday, 8 September 2011

45 Years of Star Trek Celebrated with Cupcakes

Today marks the 45th year since the "first" episode of Star Trek - The Man Trap - was aired. It is truly a momentous occasion.

I worked for nine hours today, and while I had the time I was (as usual) doodling on scrap paper. To keep track of the time, I make circles for each hour and elaborate on them as each hour passes. I thought today's circles looked cool and space-y, so I incorporated it into my special Star Trek Anniversary card:

Because doodles count as cards, right?
I also made cupcakes with some of the characters on them - I wanted to do Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, and Chekov, but I didn't have enough time. I did, however, manage to make a huge mess and eat a lot of mix and icing.

This is my first attempt at drawing with icing, and it turned out better than I thought it would, despite not having the icing colors I wanted. Below are some of my cupcakes - an Orian girl, a Klingon (I couldn't get the colors to work, but I was going for the TOS Klingons) and Yeoman Rand with her waffle hair.

My family and I ended up eating most of the cupcakes before I could "fancy them up". I made another batch and decorated them with Spock, McCoy (lego?) and Kirk. They are honestly the worst things I have ever drawn, but they are also the most delicious.

I will be 74, going on 75 years old on the glorious hundredth anniversary. I will be waiting, with my rats and my baking and my crazy hair.

How did you celebrate the 45th anniversary? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Yum! Wish I was there to eat them too! Relly well done! If I had attempted this, you would not have been able to recognise anything! LOL

  2. Happy 45th! Adorable cupcakes. I'm pleased that Rand got her own. :D

  3. This reminds me of the time my friend and I baked two square cakes and decorated them to look like TARDIS windows....but we screwed up and they tasted TERRIBLE...but it was okay because it looked like the TARDIS.

    We should bake a special cake together sometime
    : P

    ...or we could see if we could find out by looking up online a special favorite food of any of the trek cast that is coming to comic-con this year and bring them a special present.

  4. @SherlockGnomes

    And we can bring them to William Shatner as a special offering!