Thursday, 29 September 2011

If I were in Starfleet, this would be my species and I would be cool and strange and genderless for some reason.

I started drawing a picture of myself the other day, but after I was finished the hair (I got a new hair style - a chelsea cut!) I got carried away and created an alien race that I eventually called Xandai. I figured that if I could be any race other than Vulcan or Romulan (or Andorian), it would be one that I made up. This is one possibility:

I drew this with a 0.5mm black Flowrite gel pen on a piece of scrap paper. I didn't really think about the details of this race, but I do know that they reproduce asexually and have acute vision (to the point of detecting cellular and molecular abnormalities at a glance).

 For anyone who is interested, I also have a deviantART account here.

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