Friday, 23 September 2011

The Empty Starfleet Child - Are You My Mommy?

I love the Halloween season. I have never celebrated  Halloween in my life, nor do I now. I think it is pointless, and it is also against my religious beliefs. But I love it, if only for the costumes and pieces I can pick up at the shops - things that are impossible to find any other time of the year.

I was walking through Value Village today, when I found a couple of things that inspired another photo-taking session. First of all, I found a flimsy rubber "gas mask" which I promptly bought (for a dollar!) and wore home.

Mummy? Are you my mummy?
I was originally in there, however, to look for a Star Trek costume. I was hoping to find a Science Officer Uniform (TOS) but I couldn't find one anywhere. I figured that if I did find one, it would be from the new movie. Sure enough, behind ratty wigs and sequined strap on wings, I found just that.

It is ill-fitting and the neck is so ugly I wear a scarf with it, but it was only three dollars.

But seriously - that pattern.
I went out into the hallway of my apartment building to take photos. People stared, as usual. I responded by questioning their relation to me. I always worry that people look at me taking self portraits and assume that I am a vain MySpace girl or something. I assure you, it is more artistic than that.

I leave you now with a very blurry photo that I enjoy tremendously.

It sees you when you sleep.