Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Vorik on Vulcan - Because Vorik is Cool.

When I go around to appointments, I like to doodle. in fact, as you probably already know, I like to doodle anywhere. Sometimes I mindlessly lay ink on paper for hours at a time, and sometimes (like today) I scribble something down in 7.3 seconds.

One of my favorite Vulcans is Vorik - his voice is absolutely mind-melting, and he is incredibly sexy. (So is Taurik, obviously, but that is a topic for another day.)

Getting to the point, I doodled a quick Vorik, before Starfleet and on Vulcan.

It's really only a couple of inches tall on paper, and done in ink. I colored it with Sumo Paint after scanning it.

I put him in Vulcan robes, and behind him you can see the planet T'Rukh (meaning "The Watcher", also known as T'Khut, T'Kuht, T'Khul or Valdena depending on the season) and it's moon, T'Rukhemai (Eye of the Watcher).

As I had (kind of, but not really) mentioned, I am working on an appreciation post for Vorik and Taurik at the moment. They are - without a doubt - two of the sexiest Vulcans on any series, if only for their voices alone. Alexander Enberg should voice everything in the entire world.

Stay tuned.

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