Monday, 17 October 2011

Primitive Vulcan - Early in a Physical and Cultural Evolution

A little while ago I was reading Spock's World by Diane Duane - a book which covers not only an interesting plot involving the TOS characters, but the evolution of Vulcan as well. In one chapter I was reading about the early, "primitive" Vulcans who were trying to breed into their children "the eye" - a gene causing the inner eyelid which then allowed the child to see clearly in the daytime. While I was reading this, I wondered what these primitive Vulcans might look like. Taking inspiration from African and Amazonian aboriginal culture, I came up with this:

I realize that they would not have the modern Vulcan script for Logic carved into their jewelry - that was just my getting carried away. I did, however, include many features that are said to have occurred in early human evolution, while altering classic Vulcan features to appear slightly more "savage". And thus, this drawing came to be.

Media: India ink, water color pencils. Sadly, the scanner mangled the colors.