Monday, 23 April 2012

Tablet Fun - Star Trek Practice Doodles

T is for Tablets!

The other day, I finally got a tablet - Wacom Bamboo Capture. I had wanted to get one for quite a while, but never got around to it. When I first started using it, I could get anything right - I could barely draw a line across the screen.

It helps if you don't use it sideways.

Once I lined it up under my keyboard (I don't know why I didn't before), things got better. I started practicing immediately the next day by drawing a picture of Sarek:

It doesn't look very much like him, aside from the uniform - the face is crazy because of my lack of coordination - but it was a beginning, and not bad for a first attempt. The next day I drew a picture of Captain Picard in Kirk's fatshirt:

That drawing turned out much better, as I was finally getting to a point where I knew what I was doing. The lines actually went, for the most part, where I wanted them to go.

Today, I drew a quick picture of Captain Benjamin Sisko, one of my favorite captains:

As you can probably see, I am getting quite a bit better at digital art. Not great, mind you, but better than I was before. With a year or so of daily practice, I am sure that I will get to the point where what is in my mind can be adequately transferred onto the screen.


  1. Sisko looks like a Klingon (TOS style!), Sarek looks like the actor who plays Spock in the New Voyages fan films. But good!

    1. I thought he looked like a TOS Klingon as well XD And yes, Sarek does! Thank you.