Saturday, 7 April 2012

Glasses - Star Trek Style, Featuring Spock

G is for Glasses!

From the title, one may think that they are about to read about eyeglasses. I must admit, the title is somewhat misleading in this manner. However, these glasses are even better.

First, a Star Trek glass tumbler (dishwasher safe, not that I will every use it) that I picked up the other day after a two hour bus ride - someone had mentioned to me that they may have seen some Star Trek merchandise across the city, and I would take no chances of missing a unique item. I intend on, for the most part, keeping it in it's semi-protective box:

On the front of the glass is Spock, giving the Vulcan salute. The design is very simple:

And on the back is the phrase "live long and prosper", with an IDIC underneath:

And then there is the NuTrek glass that I picked up at the Comic and Toy Expo this year - I chose only to buy the Spock glass, although there were also glasses with Kirk, Uhura, and Nero:

On one side (really the only reason I got the glass) is Spock Prime, looking absolutely dashing:

A closeup:

And on the other side, is NuSpock as played by Zachery Quinto (I must say, he always looks quite dashing as well):

Unfortunately, I have run out of room for displaying items in my collection - these glasses are on a shelf at the moment, but behind my books. I have been working on organizing everything in such a way that will allow more room for "trinkets".


  1. You must have quite a collection then! Is it hard to resist when you go to conventions?

    1. It is! When I go to conventions, I typically bring about 400 (Canadian) dollars. When there are no conventions, I generally visit a lot of thrift shops and local comic stores - including one that ships in items from their place in England.


  2. Okay, I just LOVE the glasses! Thanks for sharing!

    I found you through A to Z challenge.