Wednesday, 11 April 2012

"J" is not a letter.

J is for... J!

J is not a letter - not in the Vulcan language, anyway.

A lot of people spell Vulcan words according to the Federation Standard pronunciation and alphabet. For instance:

T'hy'la instead of t'hai'la (the letter "y" is not used as a vowel in vulcan)
Eit'jae instead of eit'dzhae

X is not in the Vulcan alphabet either, but seems to have been used in words regardless. The correct spelling, for example, of "Xon" would be "Kson" when using Vulcan symbols.

The Vulcan alphabets, as taught by the Vulcan Language Institute:

Traditional Golic Vulcan:
S T P K R L A D O E V U H G Ch I N Z M Y F W B Sh Th Kh Zh Ts Dzh Ks

Modern Golic Vulcan:
S T P K R L A Sh O U D V Kh E H G Ch I N Zh M Y F Z Th W B


  1. Where were these rules established?

  2. Hi, Sorry I'm not much good on the Vulcan language, but I am sure some of the aficionados out there are quite fluent in it. I love the Star Trek series, though. Best regards to you. Ruby

    1. Oh, there are a few of us! I speak to people across the globe in Vulcan - it is more realised than people think.