Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Vibrant Oxymoron - T'Laina Revealed

V is for Vibrant Oxymoron!

Ever since I started this blog, I have refrained from posting any pictures of my face. I had a lot of reasons - privacy, mystery... but I got over that quickly. I decided today that I would give my readers (whom I appreciate greatly) a little treat, so I went outside with my camera and took some quick pictures.

I look so impressed all of the time.

That was sarcasm.

Last time I posted a picture of with my hair on here, it was turquoise in the front and blonde in the back. It has grown out a bit since then, and I decided to dye the rest of my hair (which is naturally dark brown). In case anyone is curious, I used Atomic Turquoise Manic Panic.

I recently got braces, which feels strange sometimes. I find that I don't even know how to hold my mouth anymore.

Fun fact: I wear a lot of plaid. My closet looks like a lumberjack ate his/her clothes and vomited on the floor.

I also have an anatomical skull model whom I named Gregory after Dr. Gregory House. I bought it to work one day, but they told me that I couldn't have it at the checkout.

I just really enjoy biology. (See? I have interests other than Star Trek and Doctor Who!)

So there you have it. The face behind the blog.

Fan fact #2: these pictures are unedited, except for the watermark, and taken with a Fujifilm FinePix S3400.