Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Omnibus Volume 1 - Star Trek Comics - Issues 4-18

O is for Omnibus!

It can be difficult to find individual comics that are in good condition, especially when it comes to Star Trek comics. Luckily, IDW publishing released omnibuses, in volumes. Volume one, which I own, contains the Marvel Comics issues 4 to 18 - all in one book.

Buying this book is considerably easier than tracking down an buying the individual comics, but has one very serious drawback: the print quality. Throughout this post I will be showing scanned panels from issues 10 and 18 - first from the original comic, and then from the omnibus (click images to enlarge):

As you may see, the artwork is often blurred, and details tend to go missing all together. This may be caused by the resizing of the pages for the book. The colors are brighter, but not always better.

Here Spock and Kirk are turned into pirates on a ship:

The contrast is increased greatly, and the color is more saturated. In some panels, it is not such a distraction:

And in other panels, I find it too distracting to even continue reading:

For this reason, I tend to use my omnibus for reference - I turn to the original issues when I want to read , as art quality and aesthetics are very important to me when it comes to comics.

Below, you may see how certain details and lines disappear completely, altering the entire "essence" of the art:

Often, there is a speckling effect when it comes to blocks of black color:

Once more example (just because I really enjoy these panels) with all of the quality problems I mentioned in one: Over-saturated colors, blurring, white speckling, and disappearing details:

Very distracting, is it not? And not only that, but I feel that publishing something of this quality is degrading to the original artists - vandalism. I really wish they would have worked these issues out before publication.

However - I would like to point out that despite these problems, owning the omnibus is great for reference, and better than nothing if one cannot find the separate issues. The story is still there, and just as amazing.


  1. I'm glad IDW prints these collections, because otherwise most of these comics would remain hard to find.

  2. Incredible difference in the quality, but I too am a fan of the print of the individuals... however, as Tony said, at least if keeps them available. So excited here as a comic store is opening in our very tiny town. Can't wait - perhaps I can find you some of the rareties you seek :)
    Laura x

    1. I am very excited for you!
      We actually have a lot of comic stores in my city, so I have very little difficulty finding issues - whatever I don't find, I order off of ebay - about 99% of the scans on this blog are from my personal collection.
      Thank you so much for thinking of me,
      - T'Laina

  3. You have a great blog here! I'm an old trekkie and love that the 'younger' gen is also appreciating the old series as well as the newer versions. I love them all, and Dr. Who. Thanks for this blog on a to z blogging!

  4. IDW is terrible for reprints. Very bad quality.