Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ambassador Sarek Felt... Logical.

I finally went and got myself some felt sheets yesterday, and got to work on something I have been meaning to do for months now - making felt/plush Star Trek characters.

I am working on a couple right now, and already finished my first: Ambassador Sarek!

I couldn't find the exact color that I wanted for the skin - I didn't want to used peach (too human) and the only other options were too green, or white. As you can obviously see, I chose to go with white.

I also had a slight problem with the script (rata, tafar, tapan) down his robe, because it is practically impossible to cut tiny symbols out of felt with any amount accuracy.

As this was my first attempt at making anything felt-related, I am quite proud of the way it turned out. And just look at those button eyes! Adorable. If Mark Lenard was still alive, I would find a way to send this to him as a thanks for being so awesome.

Next up: an Andorian from engineering.