Sunday, 19 June 2011

Trek or Treat - 1977 (Part 1)

There are some pretty strange books out there, books that make no sense and rely on strange humor. This book definitely falls into that category - I only got it because it pertained to Star Trek, had amazing pictures, and cost one dollar at the convention. It was poking out from underneath a Worf doll.

The book: Trek or Treat, by Terry Flanagan and Eleanor Ehrhardt.

Snarky Spock? Quite strange.
I only scanned about half of the pages - these are only my favorites.

First we have a wonderful shot of the "Vulcan death grip" as invented by Spock in "The Enterprise Incident" (one of my favorite episodes... then again, aren't they all?)

I said... no peeking!
We then move on to a picture of Kirk from "The Empath" where he was captured, hung by chains, and tortured - Something strange fan-girls everywhere will never forget.

But hey, it gave Kirk an opportunity to be shirtless, so why not? We all know he loved to show off his chest.

Would you believe... I used to be a 99-pound weakling?
Next we have a grumpy-looking Kirk (again from "The Enterprise Incident"). Poor Kirk, having to seem all crazy... having a temper tantrum.

I do so have a sense of humor!
Now I know these things are supposed to be funny, and it isn't logical for me to feel this way, but i actually feel very protective about Spock's character. I don't like to see him made out to be unintelligent, or "clutsy/goofy" like below:

Gee, I didn't know it was loaded!
Next we have another shot from "The Empath" where "Gem" (so named by McCoy) is healing Kirk. Her hands always had a strange effect on me - they are just so perfect. Smooth. Flawless.

And poor dying/reviving Kirk's face...

There, there Captain - It's only a tetanus shot!
One of the pages I actually enjoyed and thought made sense was a shot from I, Mudd (another one of my favorites... insert Liars Paradox!) where the crew was doing everything in their power to appear illogical. It worked. We all laughed. The day was save.

PS. Jack Black would make an amazing Harry Mudd if the need ever rose.

Okay, together now: "Tea for two and two for tea"
Next we have another one for crazy fan-girls everywhere - and a weepy Kirk.

Love means never having to say you're sorry.
Moving on... NOMAD! Remember when Spock mind-melded with Nomad in "The Changeling" and almost went insane? Of course you do. I actually quite enjoyed nomad, it didn't mean to cause any harm, merely to sterilize. It was it's function.

But I digress. Putting an amusing spin on things:

Nomad: Sometimes I think you only love me for your body.
Another one of my favorite episodes is "Journey to Babel" where we first meet Spock's parents, Sarek and Amanda. I love how the two compliment each other even though they are Vulcan and Human - they are the perfect couple in every way. I always imagine Spock growing up with his mother saying and doing the most human things, and this fits right in:

Get a haircut, Son!
Even without posting all of the scans, I can't possible fit all of them into one post. Therefore, this is part one of two. If you liked these, check back in a couple of days for part two!

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