Friday, 17 June 2011

T'Vet and T'Mol-Kom - Rodents Extraordinaire

I went to the mall this afternoon to get the Star Trek board game I saw a few months ago. Unfortunately that store no longer exists, so I wandered around aimlessly for about half an hour until I found myself in a pet store. It was fate. Or something.

The hamster I had (Dr. Watson Crick) recently died of old age, so I had an empty cage in my apartment - I hadn't got another pet because I didn't find one that I absolutely loved. Until today. I found the two most adorable mice and brought them home.

"But T'Laina! What does this have to do with Star Trek?" Absolutely nothing, except for the fact that they have Vulcan names.

Vulcan (female) names usually start with T', which means "of" or "of the". For example, T'Pau means "of Corona".

The first of the two female mice is T'Vet - her name, in Vulcan, literally means "of doubt". She is very nervous, and is quick to flee. I tried picking her up and she did a somersault onto the wheel and then jumped to the opposite wall of the cage and clung on to the bars. I am trying to get her more used to  the human presence in her life.

Her favorite activity is running on the wheel, stopping, holding on, and spinning around in the wheel two or three times. It's like a carnival in there.

The second is T'Mol-Kom, and her name means "of serenity". She is much more calm, and loves to be held. I actually held her the whole way home on the bus - something that got some strange looks from strangers. T'Mot-Kom is very serene - because I can handle her, I am thinking about building a maze that I can try training her in.

I will teach them the words of Surak - the ways of C'thia.

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