Wednesday, 15 June 2011

(Part Two) Star Trek - Mission to Horatius by Mack Reynolds, 1968

For part one, go HERE.

When we left off, Kirk and the crew were responding to a distress call from somewhere in the Horatian star system. The crew had found that on Neolithia (the first planet) was no sign of life, where there should have been a anti-federation human settlement. They decide to beam down so that Spock can collect native fauna, flora, and other mineral specimens.

The landing party looks crazy here. Spock looks like a strange goblin.
On Neolithia, they find who they first consider to be savages. They find that these people have no technology, and their civilization in so undeveloped that they could not have sent the distress signal. They do learn, however, that their planet has been attacked by raiders who have been kidnapping and killing their citizens (at first they believe that the crew are more "space raiders", explaining their "savagery" towards the landing party.

Following the Wizard-Doctor... and Spock, with a bizarre looking head.
Because the people of Neolithia believe that the crew is responsible for the kidnappings and deaths, they are sentenced to a "silent death" - men with bows and arrows surround the crew. Only Spock can see that this is an illusion, and it is shattered.

Sulu's face looks like that of a mutated gorilla.
Before the real warriors come to kill the landing party, they are beamed back aboard the enterprise, leaving the young boy who brought them to his people to make peace with the elders and warriors, to be forgiven for bringing the "raiders" to their village.

With that, they go on to the second planet in the Horatian star system... to be continued!

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