Sunday, 12 June 2011

Now if don't wake up, I am EXTERMINATEd.

I managed to get a hold of a couple hundred dollars the other day, and took a bus down to the comic and collectables shop down the street. I walked away proudly in the rain, clutching recycled bags filled with all of the Tankgirl comics, some Star Trek comics, a classic science tricorder, and a Dalek alarm clock:

I plan on finally getting it working tonight (I haven't figured out how to set the time!), so that I can wake up in fear of an incoming invasion tomorrow morning. I have, however, seen it working in demo mode. When the alarm goes off, lights flash and you hear either the dalek gun, hovering noises, or (my favorite) EXTERMINATE!

But say you want to know the time in the middle of the night. By pushing down on the head you can read the time projected on to the ceiling, or on the small screen.

Only two things would make this better: if it were easier to program, and if it were one of the more classic Daleks instead of one of the ones that remind me of Power Rangers.

Still, I'm certainly looking forward to waking up tomorrow!

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