Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Spock and Hikaru are my Playmates.

Dollarama has been selling the Playmates Star Trek 2009 Galaxy Collection figures for a while now, at two dollars each. Most of the characters' faces were just too skewed for me (a combination of bad sculpting and the fact that they are based on different actors than I am used to) so I only ended up getting a couple. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find the new Spock or Kirk. I did, however, find Sulu and the Original Spock.

Poor Mister Sulu here has the misfortune of having his shirt made of a strange rubber, but he does come with a phaser, communicator, and a utility belt to put them in:

Hikaru Sulu in action! Running across Kirk and Spock's face.
I don't know what is happening with his arm here - I think he dislocated it somehow.
Spock's top is also made out of a strange rubber, the kind they used to use for Polly Pockets. He didn't come with anything extra, stands a plain black stand, and looks nothing like Leonard Nimoy. That aside, I still appreciate having it:

Spock Prime, played by Leonard Nimoy (one thing they got right, at least)
Looking nothing like Leonard Nimoy here, and more like some random old man.
I don't like to spend a lot of money on Playmates items, because of the lack of quality - but for two dollars each, there was really no reason not to get these guys. I am still looking out for Kirk and the new Spock!

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