Thursday, 2 June 2011

And Then I Rescued Sulu and Spock from Burger King and Abusive Children.

Aside from rummaging through antique and second hand shops, I also check online for other local sellers (usedeverywhere, kijiji). I have found a lot of great items being sold by like-minded fans in my city, and have doubled my collection.

These next two "toys" were not bought by a like-minded fan, however (at least he wasn't as far as I know). They had a couple of children with them when I went to the door, they were slightly scuffed up, from Burger King, and they were being sold for one dollar. That's 50 cents each. So I was pretty excited, even if their disproportionate heads did creep me out a bit.

He is always watching. He stands there on my shelf, waiting...
Now of course these were promoting the 2009 Star Trek movie, so I am assuming that the Sulu toy is quoting the movie when I press the button on his back. I really don't know, because whatever comes out is impossible to understand, and is said in a strange tinny voice. It kind of sounds like "work durry sir" said really fast. Perhaps "Warp drive, sir"? "Warp three, sir"?

Spock's voice is understandable, and (of course) he simply quotes "live long, and prosper". It even sounds like Nimoy - slightly whistle-y and lisp-y, but that's what you get when something is mass-produced and then thrown around by children at a fast food joint.

He stares into your soul.
This may just be my obsessiveness getting the best of me again, but it really bothers me that his hair is black and his eyes are grey, when if they wanted to be true to the movie, his eyes would be brown and his hair would be grey.

Still, there is nothing creepier than toys and figures with short little bodies and huge heads.
Nothing, that is, unless those same toys and figures with short little bodies and huge heads are sitting on a shelf while being lighted by candles from below:

Oh dear.

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