Thursday, 16 June 2011

Crew Files Magazine Spotlight on Spock 1987

I love my Files Magazines... I got a whole bunch of them a month or so ago when I was going through boxes of old books in a privately run antique shop. The lady who owns the shop is very nice, and knows me well - I am there scrounging around the disorganized shelves quite often.

Another one of my favorites is the Spotlight on Spock, by John Peel.

Captain Spock
I have always loved Spock, and I loved watching him grow - his humanity, his understanding... finding some kind of peace with who he is. I feel there is a huge difference between the confidence in Lt. Commander Spock and Captain Spock; The older, wiser Spock is just so composed and powerful, without trying as hard as he did. I love that they chose this picture for the cover of the magazine.

A younger Spock - a Spock still trying to find his place and himself - graces the inside cover in black and white.

Science Officer Extraordinaire...
The dedication in this book is "to Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination".

There are tons of great photos in all of the Files Magazines - from shows and movies that Nimoy has been in, and from Star Trek itself. It also goes on to analyze Spock and his character/personality.

Back cover - a beautiful family.
I had been checking around the internet for this specific spotlight in case anybody wanted a copy, but I cannot find another anywhere - only the Search for Spock spotlight (which I am also the proud owner of).

Dif-tor heh smusma.

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