Thursday, 2 June 2011

Robin Curtis and Leonard Nimoy Interviews - 1986

It's time to focus on my two favorite half Vulcans - Robin Curtis as Saavik and Leonard Nimoy as Spock and the director of Star Trek IV.

Now I know that Kirstie Alley played Saavik originally in The Wrath of Khan, but I feel that Robin Curtis is more suited to the character. She has a harsher face that I feel expresses her Romulan half with more accuracy.

Kirstie Alley vs. Robin Curtis
As a matter of fact, Robin Curtis also played a Vulcan (T'Paal) undercover as a Romulan Mercenary named Tallera in The Next Generation (Gambit, parts one and two).

Looking for the Stone of Gol...
But I digress. Going back to the Star Trek The Official Fan Club Special Vulcan Issue, there is an amazing interview with Robin Curtis regarding her experience playing Saavik, followed by an interview with Leonard Nimoy about Star Trek IV (Which he was directing at the time).

And along with the end of Robin Curtis's interview is a *GASP!* News Flash Extra! What's the big news? Star Trek: the Next Generation will be produced in 1987! The suspense is killing me.


  1. Ship's Log Stardate Infinitum: You Have Failed The Most Vital Form Of Recognition ... No Saving Of The Boss J.T.Kirk, Isw This Some Continium Joke Because Of There Being Two Saviiks,And does Starfleet Know This?