Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Vintage Star Trek Comic - The Choice Part Two

A couple of days ago I started putting up "The Choice" from a 1987 Star Trek comic. If you missed that, I would suggest reading part one before continuing. Whether you have already read part one, or just don't care - prepare yourself for the exciting conclusion!

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Where we last left off, the Enterprise was within an atom, there were two Kirks, and they were about to fight to the death. The previous universe's Kirk came to take over the ship and forewarn the solitary being that possesses "free will" about "the choice" that will have an impact on the universe.

Spock just stands there LIKE A BOSS.
With Spock as Kirk's second and the Previous-universe Kirk choosing not to have a second, they choose their weapons and engage in battle.

Throo-woom m... uuurrrUUURRRuuurrrUUURRRuuurrr...

Suddenly the Enterprise in under attack! By... the ENTERPRISE! Previous-universe Kirk was supplied with it and is able to control it mentally. I guess Kirk turns into a pretty epic multi-tasker later in his life and can fight "enemies" and control ships with him mind at the same time. I'll bet this alternate Kirk is also designing a wedding dress and playing chess across the universe in his mind right now...

Ka-ZING! Fffzzap! Fffzzap!
Shheroosh! ZZZWISH! (I'm really loving the sound effects)
Kirk orders Spock to get Lt. Nova to the bridge with her cybernetic helmet and have her plug into the ship's guidance system. She does, and the Enterprise "comes to life".

Now things get strange (for me, anyways) when Spock answers Kirk. His words are just so... un-Spock-like. First Scotty sounds like he's Jamaican, and now Spock starts speaking like he is Scotty: "But Captain! The Strain on her will be too great! It will drive her MAD!" which makes more sense when you realize he is talking about Lt. Nova and not the ship. Still, I can't see him speaking with such frenzy and I always imagine Spock saying this with a Scottish accent (for some unknown reason). 

I think I overthink these things.
Previous-universe Kirk ties up Scotty, and then has Kirk in a compromising position. Then he doesn't. More stuff happens. Kirk's phaser fires...

Nothing is ever more bad-ass than wearing fencing suits.
FFFRIIII! - The sound of death.
He is merely stunned, because the real Kirk wouldn't put his phaser on kill. He's just too cool. They send Previous-universe Kirk back in to space, but he appears on the bridge as a "ghost". Who was the man who held the key to the future?

PS. The first panel always cracks me up. What is Kirk doing? Why is he hitting Scotty in the ass?  What is going on here?

Take that, Scotty.
It was Kirk. Kirk was the one with the choice and he made his choice when he decided not to kill Previous-universe Kirk. Before they can ask him if it was the right choice, he disappears. (It is my opinion that he did, because the other Kirk seemed like he was quick to kill. So, by doing the opposite, he exercised free will?) The only real problem now is that they are still "nowhere". Solution: Band together and concentrate while Lt. Nova wears her groovy helmet.

It just looks like she's wearing a bath towel around her head.
If Kirk made the WRONG choice, then the universe as they know it may no longer exist! Something goes wrong, and the universe is... GONE!

Troll Universe.
Just kidding. The universe is back. Kirk and Spock get super-philosophical about free will and choice (the free will paradox has kept me awake many a night).

Dramatic close-up of Spock's face.
And thus concludes the story. Wasn't that fun, boys and girls? Stay tuned for more scans in the future.

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