Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ozhika, Rata, Tafar, Tapan and Malat - Vulcan Script

I don't usually wear any nail polish, but today I felt like doing something a little bit different - something that reflected what I have been into lately. I didn't paint them anything bold like black or red, but I did coat them with shine and draw on some Vulcan characters:

I have been learning my Vulcan script for a while now - at least as much as I possibly can with limited development and resources.

The finger-nails, from left to right, read "Rata" "Tafar" "Tapan" and "Malat" - meaning concept, discipline, process and nature. Rata, tafar, and tapan usually appear on Vulcan robes in a vertical column on the chest.

On my thumb nail is the symbol for "Ozhika", meaning "logic".

It was difficult to get the characters looking right because the brush I was using was frayed and bizarre. I did, however, write out a copy of the symbols I used along with their translation in English. And now you know what my writing looks like (not that anyone really cares). Click image to enlarge.

I initially wrote "malatong ozhikaong" because when saying "something and something" in Vulcan, one adds the ending "ong" to the end of each subject. There are also two different ways to write rata, tafar, and tapan. The version on the left is written in 23rd century Vulcan script, and the version on the right is that which we see on Vulcan robes.

I often pair ozhika and malat - nature and logic are very important to me, and always have been. I feel that they belong together.


  1. I randomly came across this on deviant art! I am a HUGE vulcanaphile and Trek lover for a long time and LOVE this, where are you finding the resources? Just watching and charting? I would love to know if you have any more insights to vulcan characters I've been looking to get script for a tatoo for YEARS. Thanks! Oh and my trek comics are pretty sacred too, I don't let anyone handle them without clean hands. :)

    ~Takera (originally T'kera but my non-treky friends keep messin up the pronounciation.)

  2. Thanks, hun :3
    There are a lot of sites out there with so called "Vulcan script" but they are not reliable and are usually made up by crazy teenagers. However, these are some of the resources I have turned to while learning Vulcan: (

    These are only three of my favorite links - hope you enjoy, and keep reading!