Wednesday, 8 June 2011

If everything had a Dalek on it, there would be no wars. Or something.

It is pretty rare to see any Doctor Who merchandise here (without going to a specialty store and spending my life savings on a couple of items) so I am always super-focused when I walk through the mall kiosks. A year or two ago, I was walking past a Pylon and I saw a lighter...

I have absolutely no need for lighters. I don't smoke, I don't like to go around setting things on fire... I just had an obsession with Daleks. Actually, I still do.

Basically it is a Limited Edition "Bomblighters" lighter with a Full Lifetime Guarantee. They even refill it for free, but I never use it anyways so the fuel just evaporates. Most of the time it just sits in it's protective tin case.

I got another piece of Dalek memorabilia for Christmas from my mother - It started as a keychain but I made it in to a necklace. I wore it on a chain to work a few times, with mixed results. I did meet some bright young Who fans (one who was only ten and had epic Classic-Who knowledge) but I also met some people who thought that it was R2-D2. Or an odd looking garbage can.

I recently heard that because of legal issues, the Daleks may not be making anymore appearances. The problem-makers should be exterminated.

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